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Buy Premium (Only $7.00)

Premium plan with extra features. Price is just $7 / Month

Premium (Only $7.00)

$ 19

Per month

  • Alerts YES ( 25 )
  • Currency Table YES ( Daily )
  • Two Currencies Data yes available
  • Weekly Check yes available
  • Daily Check yes available
  • Hourly Check yes available
  • 30 min Check yes available
  • 15 min Check yes available
  • Live Crypto Feed yes available
  • Kraken,Coinbase data yes available
  • 300+ Crypto Currencies yes available
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How this Works?

Just 2 Steps:

Step 1: press the "Buy Now" button above and complete the payment.

Step 2: After payment completed, Email will be sent to you and your account will be upgraded to Premium .

*You can cancel your plan anytime by just sending us an email at [email protected]

What you get in Premium Package?

1) 300+ CryptoCurrencies

You can check 300+ cryptocurrencies and create alert, check their prices, history rates and trends.

2) Create upto 25 Alerts

You can create maximum 25 rate alerts. More detailed email will send to premium users with hourly and daily change history.

3) Daily Currencies Email

You will receive Daily Email of currencies rates. You can customize the currency list in your member area.

4) Hourly and Minutes Alert

You can create alert which will notify you every hour or every 30 or 15 minutes.

5) Request for new currency

As a premium member you can send us a request to add any new currency which currently doesn't exist in our system.

6) More detailed Graphs

You can follow trend and see history of currency rates.

7) Live Crypto Prices

You will be able to see top changes in ranked Cryptocurrencies real time on your screen;

8) Market Exchanges

As a premium member you can see prices of different exchanges in one place. example Kraken,Coinbase,Bitstamp,Cexio,BitTrix and more.

9) Premium Customer Support

We will try our best to reply your concern in less than 24 hours