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FX Price Action Setups in USD/JPY, AUD/USD and USD/CAD

[Published: 2019-02-05T20:03:00Z] [Author: James Stanley, Currency Strategist, James Stanley] [Powered by:]

The year started with fright, but the past month has seen quite the change-of-pace. Equity bulls have returned in the US and prices are bucking back up to fresh highs. Already, many are looking for the buy-the-dip to return with force, and given the Fed’s recent pivot, this can make sense. What hasn’t meshed with that return of the risk-on theme has been a seeming lack of volatility across the FX-space. The US Dollar has been caught in back-and-forth price action for the past four months, EUR/USD has shown a distaste for life above 1.1500 and even those previously clean trends in the Yen have come into question. In this webinar, I took a step back to look at price action setups across USD-related major pairs.

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