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Bitcoin Price Feels Uncomfortably Heavy as Crypto Market Flatlines

[Published: 2019-02-06T01:14:26Z] [Author: ] [Powered by:]

The cryptocurrency market once again featured almost nonexistent volatility on Tuesday, though the Bitcoin price continues to feel uncomfortably heavy.

The global average for Bitcoin pushed upward a slight amount, to $3,470, in the 24-hour period. Notably, it dropped on Bitfinex to $3,505. This is important because if Bitfinex pushes downward, the rest of the crypto market is likely to go lower.

For various reasons, Bitfinex trends higher than the rest of the market, as we’ve noted repeatedly in these daily round-ups.

Sometimes it creates a questionable arbitrage opportunity of up to $100. Litecoin broke through $34 mark on the global average side of things. EOS appears to want $2.50 pretty badly but stands at $2.39. Stellar’s now under eight cents, while Bitcoin SV keeps losing. Read on for more details on each market.

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